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Referral bonus $1000 cash. 

Bring a friend to join the Minx team and receive a referral thank you of $1000 cash !!!

Become Part of the MINX Family

~First step i recommend you do you homework. Research a few places.  Google search. Don't just ask a friend cause that friend could of had a bad experience and tell you lies.

What i find the most when interviewing a female they always say they didn't know about a certain thing...

Moving Forward

+18 Mandatory ID will be requested.

If you have the Minx Look.the attitude the go getter personality along with great service.  This to Minx means that you will be fully booked and pockets filed every shift..

You will be more than happy with the results

Each Girl works in her own room , NO Sharing Our Reputation for clients and safety is number 1 .  In 10 Years not one incident has happened to any family member.   I keep our roster small on purpose, bigger is not always netter keep that in  Mind!!

Free Photo-shot

The split Julian caters a package deal specifically for each girl, but one thing guaranteed you wont make any more money anywhere else, this is a promise.

Many girls have gone Indy after Using Minx To Build there Brand. We work as a team and what your goals are we support to make sure achieved

A Little About YOU!!

Tell me your





3 Pics standing up please .  Nude not required but sexy always works

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